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Peace of Mind is our's with PHD's Free Rx Cost Management and Delivery
the Solution to the high cost of prescription drugs
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PHD helps individuals maximize their drug benefits and reduce their cost of Rx Drugs. The PHD programs works with or without drug coverage and the savings average from $500 to $4,000+ per year.

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PHD does the complete job of helping each patient get the medications they need, whether the patient’s drugs are covered by insurance, Medicare Part D, or even when the patient has no insurance.

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  • Save 20+% of company Rx Drug Cost
  • Save employees money on Co-Pays
  • Works with current Benefits Plan — No need to change plans or PBM

PHD has a patent pending on its unique process.

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PHD combines the services

listed below into a coordinated plan for each patient:

Free Cost Savings Evaluation

We evaluate each individual’s current medications for savings options and works with the patient’s physician to assure any changes are appropriate.

PHD is an Expert in Medicare Part D and other Drug Ins.

We analyze the patient’s drug coverage and coordinate with the patient’s physician to get PA/exceptions or change the drugs to ones that are covered. PHD also helps each patient select the best Part D plan at reenrollment periods.

PHD helps Qualifying Patients get Extra Financial Help

Over 10 million people qualify for lower premiums and co-pays and don’t know it. PHD helps these patients apply for these benefits that can save over $3,600 year.

Free Drugs

For patients with no drug coverage there are still some free drug programs available.

Coordinate Delivery and Cost Management Monthly

PHD accepts Part D and regular insurance, calls each patient monthly and sends medications right to their home.