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Physicians: Physicians are very busy and focused on taking care of their patient’s medical problems. They also have numerous other issues taking their time. The newest Brand Name drugs are certainly top of mind because the Pharmaceutical Sales Rep’s are calling on the physicians daily. (There are over 50,000 Pharmaceutical Sales Rep’s in the US). No one is making sales visits to the physicians to sell generics!

The Physician often doesn't know the patient's desire to save money and in this litigious society it is surely safer for the physician to prescribe the newest medications. In addition, patients often ask for Brand Name Drugs after being prompted by advertisements. (Ever hear of the Purple Pill)

As a final note, the typical Pharmaceutical Sales Rep. doesn’t tell physicians what the drugs cost, in fact, they don’t even know themselves or that is often what they tell the physicians when they ask.

Our experience has been that most physicians don’t know how expensive most drugs are. When we inform physicians of the savings for our patients they are very helpful in saving their patients money. Some physician offices have even started referring patients to our service as a result of how much we have helped their patients.

Pharmacies: The average chain pharmacy, mail order pharmacy and even some local pharmacies are focused on drug cards and co-pays. Most of their customers have insurance and will either have the same co-pay for the cheaper medication or don’t know they can save money. No one is educating the pharmacist on alternatives. They don’t have our patent pending software to identify cost savings options and don’t have the time or information available to do what PHD does. As a result, there are very few pharmacies that will help the individual customers save money, they don’t know how or they don’t have time.