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See an example of the cost savings evaluation a patient would receive.

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What we do

We specialize in helping people obtain their prescription drugs at a reduced cost or if they qualify, at $0 cost. We assist consumers in any age group and income bracket. The PHD program works for those with and without drug coverage. The average savings per year is $500- $4,000. Each program is individualized and by fully explaining the cost savings and any other options that are available to the patient, we provide excellent “hand held” customer service. For Medicare Patients we make sure they are enrolled in the best Part D program for each individual and we help those that qualify for extra help get approved. Currently 10 millions seniors qualify for this help and don’t know it. See Medicare Part D section.

How do we do this

We have developed a special patent pending Free Drug Savings Evaluation. This evaluation is an individualized analysis of the medications taken by an individual that identifies various medication options that will save money. We have combined drug pricing knowledge, equivalent efficacy data now available on medications, the Medicare Benefits and Manufactures Assistance Programs to identify the least expense way for a person to purchase their prescription medications. We work with each patient’s physician to assure any options identified are appropriate for the individual. (See Example)

Is there a charge for our service

No. There is no monthly charge, no plans to enroll in and patients are under no obligation to use our pharmacy. It is voluntary for both the patient and the physician.

Is there a charge to be evaluated for a Drug Savings Analysis


Are you a Non-Profit

No. We are for profit.

How do we make money

We have a free standing pharmacy located near Memphis, TN that sends the medications to patients by delivery confirmed US Mail or UPS. We make money by selling prescription drugs and diabetic supplies. Because of our volume, our prices are as good or better than most drug stores. We take all Pharmacy Benefits or Drug cards and take Medicare Part D Cards as well. (In short, if you can use your drug card at the local drugs store you can use it with us)

Where do our drugs come from

We use only United States FDA approved Medications that are dispensed in the USA.

Do we compound drugs


Will we make medication changes

Not without your and your physician’s approval. For cost savings, we may suggest a drug change to the patient and their physician. However, we make no changes unless the physician approves that change and returns a signed prescription and the patient is in agreement.

Do we use all generic drugs

No, we can provide brand name and generic drugs. There isn’t a cost savings option for every expensive drug that is appropriate for every individual.

How does a patient receive their medications

Once we have permission from the patient to ship their medications we coordinate all details to assure the patient that obtaining the drugs from PHD is an easy process. PHD works closely with the patient or their care giver to set a regular schedule of shipments directly to their home. We never ship anything without prior approval. Because some manufacturers require free medicines to be delivered to the physician’s office, they may be required to pick up some of their medications there. For many patients the coordination and mailing of their drugs is a great benefit that makes life easier. There is no need to get out and go to the drug store which can be a burden for people without transportation.

What is the delivery charge

There is no charge for the delivery. All medications are shipped postage free by confirmed mail.

What about prescription refills

PHD calls ahead of time for re-orders and checks for any medication changes. When needed, PHD will also obtain the refill order directly from the patient’s physician.

What about Medicare Part D: PHD becomes the “Medication Manager”

We make sure patients are on the correct plan that is appropriate for the medications that they are taking and that the plan is cost effective for them. Should a patients medicine requirements change after enrolling in Part D, we will appeal to the insurance provider for consideration. Since paying for a prescription that is not on the patients approved list can be extremely costly. We recommend that all patients call us for before filling a new prescription so that we can verify that the medication is approved by their plan. If it is not, we will contact their physician so that they can prescribe another medication that is on the approved list. Once a patient reaches the “donut hole” and are again paying for their medications, our cost savings strategy, is by far the best in the pharmacy industry and the out of pocket cost for their medications will be more affordable.

Many Medicare patients can still enroll in Part D this year-anyone who qualifies for extra help between now and the end of the year can enroll in the Part D Drug Program now!!

We will help an individual or a couple apply for the extra help to reduce co-pays and deductibles- to qualify the income must be below $1,276 a month for individuals and $1,711 a month for couple. Resources are also considered.

The next open enrollment period begins November 15.

PHD will re-evaluate each patient to assure that they are on appropriate program.

How do I become or refer a patient

Fax the patient evaluation form to: 888-805-2406 and we will contact the patient. You can also instruct the patient to call our toll free number: 1-800-862-1456 and we can obtain the information needed to start their evaluation.

What is the response time

Our turn-around time is with-in 2 business days.

Where is your office located

110 Keith ST SW, Suite 1
Cleveland, TN 37311