Pharmacy Home Delivery

PHD provides "Peace of Mind" about getting your prescriptions!

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No more Emergency Pharmacy Visits!

  • We set up a regular schedule of deliveries
  • Delivered right to the patient's home!
  • We call before each delivery to check for changes or new needs.
  • We work with the Dr. Office for refills before the patient runs out of medications

No more running out of medication. If you are the person who goes to the pharmacy to pick up medications for yourself or a loved one, or getting to the pharmacy is difficult - our service can help. We drive your medications directly to your home! We also call you before it's time to reorder to check for any changes or new needs and we contact the Dr's Office for refills before you run out of medications!*

This is a great benefit for friends or relatives who sometimes forget to pick up their medicine!

Note: PHD will attempt to contact you and your Doctor, however we cannot guarantee we can reach either of you or a response from any physician.