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Pharmacy Home Delivery, LLC (PHD) provides a unique new program not offered by any other organization or PBM. The PHD Rx Cost Intervention Program will:

  • Save organizations 20% to 30% of their current cost for prescription drugs.
  • Save members/employees and their extended family money on prescription drugs.
  • Works with the existing health benefits and PBM – no need to change anything!

The cost savings potential is very significant for employers or insurers that have to pay for prescription medications. Whether it is for their employees, plan members or retirees: the cost of prescription medications is a huge cost and growing 15+% annually. The average plan pays $500 to $800 a year per member for prescription medications and PHD can save 20-25% of this cost. For a retired population the average cost is $2,450+ a year per member and PHD can save up to 30% of these costs. For every 1000 members the savings can be $125,000 for a standard plan and $735,000 for a retirement plan.

The PHD Program is focused on individuals to create the savings for both the individual and the employer or insurance company. The program provides a personalized evaluation of how an individual can save money on their prescription drugs. For each individual the analysis identifies specific alternatives, generic options, price anomalies and other methods that can significantly reduce the cost of prescription medications. PHD has identified 15 different ways to save money with a patent pending process not available anywhere else in the US. The program uses only U.S. FDA approved drugs dispensed in the U.S. and the patient’s personal physician is consulted and involved with any of the suggested changes. PHD develops an ongoing relationship with the patient to assure long term success. The Program is unique because the intervention goes beyond any other program and achieves results far greater than any other prescription management program.

The Program is implemented in two phases: 1) A test phase consisting of 500 to 1000 high cost patients are identified and the program is implemented. The results are tabulated to determine the total potential savings – all at no cost to the plan.; 2) With the test results proving the saving potential - the plan should be ready to fully implement the program.; The program implementation is customized to meet the needs of each plan or employer to ensure the success of the program.

In summary, the PHD Prescription Savings Program works. The savings can be documented in real time, the program saves individuals money, it saves the plan or employer money, it is voluntary for the employee and the program is physician friendly. In addition, the program can be implemented within the current benefit structures to avoid ERISA issues. The PHD Program can be started at any time and the savings are immediate. For questions or to pursue the opportunity, please contact: Amy Hans at 800-862-1456.