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PHD helps individuals maximize their drug benefits and reduce their cost of Rx Drugs. Click here to find out more!

Programs for Individuals

See an example of the cost savings evaluation a patient would receive.

Free Savings Evaluation

Click here for a free drug savings evaluation and to see if you qualify for assistance with Medicare Part D.

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Do your patients have:

  • Problems affording their prescription drugs
  • Difficulty in getting their drugs because of Insurance rules (Examples: specific drug not covered, needs PA, or Step Therapy)

Pharmacy Home Delivery solves these problems for your patients.

Most of our new patients come from referrals from Social Workers, Nursing Agencies and Physician Offices. Many nursing agencies put information about our services in their new patient set up packets. The reason they do this is a patient who takes their prescription drugs have better outcomes and the nursing agency is measured on patient outcomes.

The following services are what we do to help you help your patients

Free Cost Savings Evaluation

PHD has developed a special patent pending Free Drug Savings Evaluation. This evaluation is an individualized analysis of the medications taken by a patient that identifies various medication options that will save money. We have combined drug pricing knowledge, equivalent efficacy data now available on medications, the Medicare Benefits and Manufactures Assistance Programs to identify the least expense way for a person to purchase their prescription medications. We work with each patient’s physician to assure any options identified are appropriate for the individual. (See Example)

PHD is an Expert in Medicare Part D and other Drug Ins.

We make sure patients are on the correct plan that is appropriate for the medications that they are taking and that the plan is cost effective for them. Should a patients medicine requirements change after enrolling in Part D, we will appeal to the insurance provider for consideration. Since paying for a prescription that is not on the patients approved list can be extremely costly. We recommend that all patients call us for before filling a new prescription so that we can verify that the medication is approved by their plan. If it is not, we will contact their physician so that they can prescribe another medication that is on the approved list. Once a patient reaches the “donut hole” and are again paying for their medications, our cost savings strategy, is by far the best in the pharmacy industry and the out of pocket cost for their medications will be more affordable.

PHD helps Qualifying Patients get Extra Financial Help

Over 10 million people qualify for lower premiums and co-pays and don’t know it. PHD helps these patients apply for these benefits that can save over $3,600 year. (More Info)

Free Drugs

For patients with no drug coverage there are still some free drug programs available and we help the patient in this process.

Coordinate Delivery and Cost Management Monthly

PHD accepts Part D and regular insurance, calls each patient monthly and ships medications right to their home. Many of our current customers are the caregivers for their parents. They use us because it is so easy and they don’t have to worry about their parents running out of their drugs.

PHD can be your solution to the high cost of prescription drugs for your patients.