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Pharmacy Home Delivery, LLC (PHD) is committed to providing each patient with a superior and extra-ordinary level of personal service and individual attention. The following benefits are a part of the services offered by PHD and are highly valued by Medicare patients.

Diabetes Program Services:

  • Direct Insurance, Medicare and Medicaid Billing
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Free and Convenient Home Delivery
  • Free Glucose Meter(s) for Evaluation
  • Friendly and Personalized Customer Service
  • Choice of National Name Brand Supplies
  • Special Savings on Non-Covered Supplies
  • Clinical Support and Education

Special Pharmacy Services:

  • Generic Medications Program
  • Full Discount Pharmacy Services

Direct Insurance, Medicare and Medicaid Billing

All covered services are billed for the patient, no confusing forms for the patient to submit and no up-front payment for covered services. Co-pays and deductibles may apply and non-covered services are also available.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

PHD is committed to complete patient satisfaction. Within all legal guidelines, PHD will do whatever it takes to satisfy the patient including product exchange at no cost or product return with a full refund.

Free and Convenient Home Delivery

Standard orders are delivered right to the patient's door. For many patients this is a huge benefit, they don't have to go out in bad weather or be worried about how they can get to the pharmacy.

Free Glucose Meter Evaluation

Which brand of meter and strips is best for each patient? Depending on when the patient first starting using a glucose meter, the current meter may no longer meet the specific patients needs. Diabetes professionals have developed a Glucose Meter Assessment Tool that helps evaluate the patients needs such as manual dexterity, computer downloading and vision. With this information a group of meters are identified that might better meet the patients current needs. Each patient should have a meter that's right for them. And the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee let's the patient make the change with confidence.

Friendly and Personalized Customer Service

Each patient is assigned to a Patient Care Coordination Team that will be familiar with each patient's history and will take a personal interest in the patient. This team will contact the patient when it is time to reorder and follow up on the patients compliance to Doctor orders, answer questions and fill any orders that the patient requests.

Choice of National Name Brand Supplies

A wide range of national brand name diabetic products are available to assure the patient is completely satisfied with their supplies.

Free Meters

PHD will pass on any meter manufactures offer of free meters to the patients.

Savings on Non-Covered Diabetes Supplies

PHD offers Very Competitive prices on generic medications and supplies that patients must pay for out-of-pocket. PHD partners with leading manufacturers of diabetes products (i.e. insulin, oral diabetes medications, syringes, blood glucose monitoring systems) to offer discounts and manufacturer sponsored promotions (i.e. buy one, get one free) designed to save the patient money.

Clinical Support and Education

In addition to providing information on locally available resources and services, a full line of educational materials are available to answer almost any question. A RN and a Pharmacist are available upon request for phone consultations.

Generic Medications Program

Patients are offered detailed information on generic substitutions and generic/medically equivalent alternatives for name brand medications now being taken by Seniors. These are the same alternatives that BC/BS and other large insurance companies use in their medication formularies for their patients. The Savings is up to 25% to 45% and more off National Pharmacies like CVS, Walgreens, Supermarket Pharmacies and even Large Mail Order Pharmacies like AARP and other Internet Pharmacies.

Full Discount Pharmacy Services

All medications are available through PHD Pharmacy to assure the highest level of convenience and service for each patient.